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Bulgaria is situated in South-Eastern Europe, in the eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula. It borders with the Black Sea to the east which enables direct maritime links with the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Georgia. To the north, the Danube River separates Bulgaria from Romania. Both sea and river routes - the Black Sea and the Danube River – offer reliable shipping transportation to and from the country.


The largest Bulgarian seaports are Burgas and Varna. Varna mainly handles containers, grain and bulk goods, while Burgas mainly deals with crude oil and some bulk commodities. A ferry connection from Varna to Odessa (Ukraine), Kavkaz (Russia) and Poti (Georgia) facilitates the transport of goods between the countries.


The Danube River is navigable during most of the year and supports inland water transport. With the Rhine – Main – Danube canal in use since 1992, Bulgaria has access to the large European ports on the North Sea. The main ports are Ruse, Lom and Vidin.


Bulgaria has 15 Black Sea and 13 Danube River ports for public transport with national importance consisting of a total of 84 and 74 wharves, respectively. The ports with regional importance for public transport are 9 on the Black Sea cost and 21 on the banks of Danube River.

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