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Varsa Shipping was established in 1992 with 100% private capital. The company is based in Varna, Bulgaria and operates primarily in the ports of Varna and Burgas. The main direction of activity is ship-repair with additional operations.
During the time of our existence and development, our company has carried out the repair, conversion and retrofitting of more than 200 vessels, mainly river-sea tankers, where we have achieved the highest degree of specialization.
For the implementation of repairs we apply highly advanced up-to-date methods and techniques that guarantee high quality and increase the service life of the repaired or retrofitted vessels.

In recent years, our company has mastered the repair of specialized research vessels with high-tech equipment on-board. For this type of vessels we perform a large amount of additional activities for their preparation and mobilization for scientific expeditions.
The repair of ships includes the implementation of methods for recovery and recycling of parts and components of ship equipment, as well as aggregate replacement of machinery, fittings and equipment.

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