Ship repair MANAGEMENT, SUPERVISION and surveys

Varsa Shipping is specialized in repair and conversion of vessels. We perform dock, class and emergency repairs of all types of ships as well as repairs and maintenance during operation. Our knowledge and experience in the field of ship repair allow us to take the right decisions to optimize the volume of repair, to reduce the possibility of failure and to increase the time of operation of the vessel.

Ship repair services



  • Cleaning (HPFWJ 300 Bar), blasting (SW, SA1, SA2), coating of hull, decks, tanks, etc.
  • Ultrasonic measurement of thickness, color and magnetic fault detection
  • Hull repair works - replacement of metal shell plating and metal structures
  • Propeller and rudder – technical inspection and repair
  • Thrusters –technical inspection and repair
  • Sea and overboard valves – technical inspection and repair
  • Replacement of anode protection
  • Anchors and anchor chains – technical inspection and repair

Machinery repair works

  • Main and auxiliary engines – diagnostics, adjustment and repair
  • Turbines - diagnostics and repair
  • Combustion equipment - diagnostics, adjustment and repair
  • Governors - diagnostics, adjustment and repair
  • Coolers (oil, air and water) - cleaning and repair
  • Pumps (all types) - repair
  • Capstans, windlasses and winches (hydraulic and electrical) - repair
  • Boilers - cleaning, repair and certification
  • Air conditioning units – prevention and repair
  • Steering gears (hydraulic and electrical) - repair
  • Hydraulic cylinders and hydro-manipulators - repair
  • Cranes and lifting equipment - repair

Pipelines, valves and air cylinders

  • Pipelines - repair and replacement
  • Pipeline systems - manufacture
  • Valves - repair and replacement
  • Air cylinders - cleaning, certification and repair

General hull and deck repair works

  • Hatches and hatch covers - repair
  • Mushroom ventilation pipes and air ducts - repair and replacement
  • Mooring arrangement - repair and replacement
  • Gangwayss - repair and replacement

Electrical equipment

  • Electrical motors, generators and electrical equipment - maintenance and repair
  • Vibro-diagnostics
  • Automation and measuring instruments - diagnostics and repair
  • New equipment - installation

Dock and quay facilities:


Large Floating Dock Small Floating Dock Rail Slipways Quays Floating Quays
Length 155 m 115.8 m 3 x 130 m 460 m 2 x 120 m
Width 23.8 m 16 m 16 m

Dock lifting capacity 8000 t 2200 t 1800 t

Maximum vessel draft 8.7 m 6 m 6 m 8 m 7 m
Crane lifting capacity 2 x 5 t 1 x 8 t 1 x 16 t 1 x 10 t 1 x 25 t 1 x 16 t 1 x 10 t Mobile crane 45 t

Modernization of vessels

  • Design work in compliance with customers requirements
  • Implementation of pre-made designs

Certification of ship equipment

  • Life-saving appliances and firefighting equipment - inspection, repair and certification
  • Cranes - inspection, repair and certification
  • Radio-equipment - inspection, repair and certification
  • Measuring devices and control instruments – inspection, repair and certification
  • New equipment – installation

Provision of spare parts and equipment


We provide spare parts and equipment for ship`s repair and maintenance.

  • Spare parts for main and auxiliary engines
  • Spare parts for turbines
  • Spare parts for fuel equipment and governors
  • Spare parts for pumps
  • Hydraulics
  • Rubber-metal bearings and simplex seals for propeller shafts
  • Ship stop and control valves
  • Measuring instruments
  • Bearings, seals and lubrication solutions
  • Mechanical butt joints
  • Steel wire ropes and rigging
  • Mooring ropes
  • Engine and hydraulic oil

In the process of developing ship repair - our basic business activity - we have established excellent contacts and business relationship with various suppliers and manufacturers of ship spare parts and consumables from the whole spectrum of ship equipment. Our partners in this field are:

  • Paints producers - PPG (Sigma), International, Jotun, etc.
  • Producers of machinery and spare parts - Wartsila, Volvo Penta, Caterpillar, Weichel, Rolls Royce, ABB, Siemens, Alfa Laval, Danfoss, SKF, Marflex, Woodward, Valkom, etc.
  • Radio-equipment, emergency rescue and firefighting equipment – Furuno, Sperre, David International, Viking, DSB Continental, OAO Usemic, Hansson PyroTech, Lalizas, Drager, Grundfos, etc.
  • Producers of lubricants and chemical agents – Shell, Mobile, Texaco, Unitor, Loctite, etc.
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