Ship agency

Varsa Shipping provides ship agency in all Bulgarian ports. We are committed to optimizing the stay of ships in the ports, minimizing shipowners` costs and protecting their interests, while providing high quality service. We have excellent knowledge of local authorities, agencies and organizations. The services provided by us are in full compliance with the interests of our Principals.

Ship port operations

  • Berth allocation
  • Arrangement of pilotage, tugs, mooring, unmooring
  • Loading, discharging, stevedoring and tallymen services as well as any type of additional services
  • Control and organization of all operations to ensure smooth ship departure
  • Payment of all shipping costs
  • Issue of necessary permits and clearances

Assistance and provision of services to shipowners and crew

  • Change of crew and passengers, assistance with entry/exit
  • Assistance for hospitalization, medical and dental services
  • Transfers, assistance in meeting/seeing off at airport
  • Assistance in issuing Letters of guarantee/Visa
  • Hotel reservations and accommodation
  • Ticket reservations

Cargo handling and shipments

  • Customs representation
  • Preparing and issuing of all transport documents
  • Stowage and storage

Additional services

  • Arrangement and supply of fuel, lubrication oil and fresh water
  • Arrangement of sludge, slop and waste discharge
  • Supply and delivery of provisions
  • Arrangement and assistance for inspections of ship equipment
  • Assistance during inspections performed by port authorities
  • Organization of surveillance by classification societies and assistance
  • Arrangement and assistance for delivery of air, sea and road cargo transport, including oversized loads

Membership – BASBA

Varsa Shipping is a member of the Bulgarian Association of Ship Brokers and Agents (BASBA). The objectives of the Association are to represent and protect the economic and professional interests of its members as well as of the ship owners and principals represented by them. BASBA is a legal non-profit entity in private benefit under the Bulgarian Law of non-for-profit entities. The Bulgarian Association of Ship Brokers and Agents is a full member of the Federation of National Associations of Ship Brokers and Agents (FONASBA) and of the European Association of Ship Brokers and Agents (ECASBA).
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