End of repair m/v Glard-1


End of repair m/v Glard-1

Tanker "Glard-1" was under repair from 6 August 2018 to 28 August 2018.

During the repair the following actions took placе:

·         steering and propulsion system repair;

·         main engine repair;

·         blasting and painting of ship's hull /paint: Wilckens/;

·         ship's hull ultrasonic thickness measurement;

·         damaged area metal replacement according with rules of RMRS;

·         partial replacement оf sacrificial protection, pipelines, repair of electric motors, pumps, bottom-outboard valves;

·         internal inspection of auxiliary and exhaust gas boiler;

·         inspection of safety equipment;

·         repair of radio-navigation equipment.

 All repair work is performed by approved specialists and according with all requirements of RMRS .



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